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Is This You?

You have spent long hours bent over a computer, or a report, or a patient, or a stove and now your neck is so tight that you get colossal headaches. 

Not to mention the seemingly permanent strain between your shoulder blades and the ache in your lower back. 

Or perhaps you’ve tried to live a healthy life. You work out, play sports, try to keep fit. Only now you’re so tight you can’t stretch into that yoga pose. 

Or your knees still hurt long after the walk or game has ended. 

On some level you realize it’s all connected - the too much to do, the unnatural working positions, the not enough time for yourself.

It's not like you haven't tried to find relief.

Maybe you've tried relaxation techniques or you’ve tried massage and loved the lack of pain you had afterwards, but it never lasts. 

You’ve used Motrin and Tylenol and occasionally something stronger like a muscle relaxant, but you know that’s just covering up the symptoms and you’re worried about what they might be doing to your stomach and liver. 

You’ve been to a doctor, maybe even several, but it was just rush in, rush out and you never were given the time to tell your whole story. Besides, often their solutions take a cookbook approach (if problem A then solution B), but you may feel you have problem A, C and F with a little bit of D and E thrown in and are filled with horror as the doctor writes out a different prescription for each one. 

You’ve put orthotics in your shoes and a brace on your knee or lower back and they help, but you feel that really doesn’t fix anything so much as just compensate for the problem. 

Maybe you’ve gone to physical therapy and it was a great help, but you still can’t do all the things you used to do or even want to do. 

Maybe it’s even gone as far as surgery and with luck you felt better afterwards, but nowhere near back to normal.

And still you have pain.

Sometimes one solution isn’t enough because sometimes the pain in your knee or your back really stems from your ankle or your hip.

The medical community isn’t very knowledgeable about fascia or trigger points or many of those things that are very basic to structural kinds of problems and in today’s era of insurance-managed health care, doctor’s can’t afford to take the time they might really want to in order to listen to your history and get the full picture.

Nor do you want something that will be so radical that now you’ve got a piece of steel in your hip or knee so that your body can no longer grow and change and adapt on it’s own. Now it’s frozen into a certain place and if that’s not exactly right then it takes surgery to go fix it. And when it wears out your choice is to go in for surgery and get it replaced. So you take on the possibility at the very least of multiple surgical solutions. At times it has to be that, but very often that’s not the solution that is required or necessary.

Massages and relaxation techniques are all good for as far as they go, but they often don’t really get to the cause.

Physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc, all offer good approaches, but sometimes their solutions don't go deeply enough even when they are trying to get to the core of the problem.

And sometimes the problem includes even deeper levels than just simply the physical. 

What can help then?

What you really need is someone who will listen to you with openness and understanding. 

You want someone who is willing to begin where you are and who can offer more than just masking your symptoms. 

You want to work with a solution that doesn’t include side-effects. 

But you also want someone who has significant experience in more than one area . You want someone who has the breadth of seeing beyond one simple way of solving the problem and the depth so that when they do work on the problem they can go in deeply enough to make a difference. 

You want someone who is intuitive and committed to finding the solution to your unique situation.

What is it that I do?

I start from a quiet place of listening in order to hear what is going on with you without judgements, without an expectation for you that isn’t what you want. 

I am willing to do what it takes. If it is challenging and difficult I am there with you, experiencing it with you, supporting you and being fully there for you.

I bring with me a large set of tools from which to approach your issues.

I’ve meditated for 40 years and have extensively studied the raising of my own consciousness in order to be fully present and in the moment.

I’ve learned many types of massage techniques including Trigger Point, Connective Tissue Massage and Assisted Muscle and Joint Release.

I’m adept at structural integration using Ida Rolf’s Ten Series and her advanced work.

Energy work is another way to approach the problem that allows an innocent solution to manifest itself by bringing in energies that helped to create the universe and can help to re-create you in a healthier, more positive way.

Not all energy is the same in the way that not all musical notes are the same and I have several techniques I can pull from including Reconnective Healing, Reiki and Zero Point Energy.

I’m a Oneness Blessing Facilitator. The Oneness Blessing, or Deeksha, is a transfer of energy for the healing, activation and awakening of individuals.

I’m a Certified Awakening Coach which allows me to work with certain stubborn problems, stresses and strains that stem from the way we view things, giving me the ability to work with really deep-seated issues that may have been around for a while.

I am committed to doing whatever it takes in order to get the information, skills and training to be able to provide for your needs.

I’ve travelled extensively all over the United States and as far away as India in the past 10 years in pursuit of that training.

What to do next?

I invite you to discuss your situation with me at no cost either in person or over the phone. 

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